Current date:05.03.2007 16:00

Student Branch Chapter

     This organization is known as IEEE CPMT Student Branch Chapter of "Politehnica" University of Bucharest. The purpose is the dissemination of knowledge of the theory and practice of all aspects of electrical engineering, electronics, radio, allied branches of engineering, as well as the furtherance of the professional development of the Students.

    The organization and operation of the Student Branch Chapter is in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the CPMT-IEEE Sectiunea Romānia. Membership is limited to undergraduate and graduate students of "Politehnica" University from Bucharest. In 2003 the SBC received from IEEE CPMT Society the "2003 Best Student Branch Chapter of the Year Award".

         The Chapter was created six years ago in December 2000 by graduated and undergraduate students from the University that enjoyed electronic packaging activities developed at the Technological Electronics and Interconnections Techniques Research Center, UPB-CETTI. Since 2000 many students have joined the chapter. At present there are 23 active members registered in our chapter. The SBC members were involved in different and interesting activities.

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